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Service centre

To ensure you receive the best possible assistance, we have set up the BEMER service centre for you. Here, you will be given help and information on all the practical issues relating to the BEMER product family.
BEMER Int. AG, Service Team

Warranty extension

Registration is currently not necessary. We will automatically extend the 2-year warranty to 3 years. Without additional charges. Without you needing to do anything in this regard.
So wait no longer
to visit your nearest BEMER partner.

Warranty or technical problems

Call us on the service hotline:
T +423-399 39-90. We are at your service during following office hours

Mon. to Thu.




You can reach us 24 hours a day here: tsc[at]
Do you have any requests or suggestions? Send us your thoughts and ideas. We look forward to any suggestions that you may have. Your feedback helps us tailor our product portfolio to meet your needs. And that’s what matters to us most.

Medical and health-related question

For any medical and health-related questions you may have regarding the use of our BEMER products, we have competent contact persons on hand for you. German-speaking users, please directly contact the
BEMER users consultation service:
T +423-399 38-28.
Office hours:

Mon. to Fri.

9:30 - 11:30

You can reach us 24 hours a day here: medical[at]


  • TreatmentTreatment

    Treatment in case of sickness, supporting the immune response, and activation of self-healing capacity by stimulating microcirculation.

  • ProphylaxisProphylaxis

    Positive effect on the general sense of well-being, health and sleep. All this results in a higher quality of life.

  • Improved performanceImproved performance

    Supporting metabolism for increased performance, strengthening the response capacity, reducing the risk of sports injuries, and faster regeneration.